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  • Tejas Jaishankar: Head Of Academics

    Tejas Jaishankar: Head Of Academics

    Tejas Jaishankar has been a part of IIFEM since its inception and has personally designed and created our courses, using his experience and vast knowledge. He started his fitness journey at a young age and eventually discovered strength training. In 2012 he suffered a near fatal accident that completely shattered his spine and immobilised him. However using his knowledge of strength training and belief, he was able to recuperate and rebuild his strength; and win the 2014 India’s Strongest Man competition within just 2 years of his accident. Since then he has coached several high level athletes in strength and conditioning from various fields. His students have dominated sports like Aquatics, Track athletics, football, cricket, Powerlifting, Strongman, weightlifting and Kettlebell Sport at the state and national level. He himself has won several medals competing under the IPF in powerlifting and SCL in strongman. He is certified as a strength and conditioning coach by ISSA and runs his own strength training studio in addition to his duties at IIFEM.
  • Ishaan Sharma- Senior Lecturer

    Ishaan Sharma- Senior Lecturer

    Mr Sharma comes from a background in the grappling arts, where he competed at a high level in Muay Thai, Jujitsu and judo. He discovered strength training in his quest to become a better fighter and got hooked. He trained under some of the biggest names in grappling and powerlifting, before he decided to become a trainer. He quickly started handling several dozen clients and soon was able to work his way up to management, as the Head Trainer and Gym Manager at Fitnest. However his true passion has always been education and as he started teaching trainers, he expanded his knowledge and grew to fit the role of our senior faculty member. He is an ACE certified trainer and has competed at a high level in powerlifting, grappling and strongman.
  • Shruti Mishra- Lecturer

    Shruti Mishra- Lecturer

    Ms. Mishra is a plant biologist by profession who got the iron bug after trying to rehab a knee injury. What began as a neccessary step soon developed into a great passion and Shruti is now a highly decorated powerlifter in the IPF in India. Over time, she started mentoring clients at Tejas Jaishakar’s personal strength studio out of interest, and brought valuable insights to the science and technique of strength training with her. Today she serves as a faculty member at IIFEM, and strikes a delicate balance between her love for science and her passion for her sport.