In my training notebook from 2008 I had written what I thought would be strong. Here is the line:

“I would be strong if I could squat 330lbs, deadlift 400lbs and bench 250lbs.”

Today looking back on this I realize just how far I have come. I don’t think any numbers I will ever be at will be strong enough. I am today stronger than I ever dreamed of back then. This is where I think experience taught me to open my eyes and understand just what the human system is capable of.

I now realize strength is not as simple as an X amount of weight you can lift or your 100m time. Strength is the ability to believe and know that there is something more than what you can currently do, in every thing. It is the desire for constant and never ending self improvement- there is no end to what can be done to improve ourselves.

The real lesson I have learnt from all this is that you have to enjoy the process of improvement. You are not doing it for the end result, but rather to do every thing that you can to make yourself better and to gain wisdom about yourself and to cherish that understanding. If you keep worrying about the outcome, you may just never get there. But as every serious lifter and athlete knows, if you focus on the little goals and enjoy the journey, you may just land up somewhere you never thought possible.

And so here is what I think is “not weak”,  Atleast at this stage. I don’t mention bodyweight as the tests are pretty balanced, so niether a big guy nor a small guy would have an advantage. Anyone who can do these would be an animal, regardless of bodyweight. It gets really hard to be able to do all these at the same time, but the point of it is to be hard.


Squat 200kgs

Benchpress 150kgs

Deadlift 250kgs

Strict pull ups 20

Box Jump 40”


Squat 100kgs

Bench press 75kgs

Deadlift 140kgs

Strict Pull ups 3 reps

Box Jump 25”

Yuri Vlasov- Russian with big squat

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