Fitness Education & Training

Our vision is to produce the highest-quality fitness graduates in the fitness industry through our education. We are inspired by our passion and determination to provide the Indian fitness industry and consumers with qualified and reliable fitness professionals.By training our students with up to date knowledge and industry best practices, we know the IIFEM team can revolutionize the growing fitness industry in India.

Fitness Education in India- Current Scenario
At Present only a few education provider offers international standard education with back-end support on a national level.
Due to high fee structure and tough examination passing criteria many potential fitness trainers are deprived of proper education and required certifications, so at IIFEM fitness education is made easy and affordable.
Absence of an accredited fitness education course and practical delivery restricts the development of good quality training institutes.
Lack of sufficient education structure and back-end support has limited the number of participants in this space.