Certificate Exam Powerlifting Training Specialist Set C

₹ 8000/-

Instructions for MCQ test

1. You are allowed only one attempt per question. You can go back and change your answer if you have not submitted the paper.

2. Every question has only one correct answer.

3. You will get 1 minute per question.

4. You need to get 50% or more in order to pass.

5. Once submitted your test is complete, so review your answers before pressing the button.

6. If you are unable to pass, you can attempt a fresh certificate examination by paying the existing re-attempt fees.

7. It is highly recommended that you complete all the previous units and chapters of this course and pass their tests before attempting this exam, which will determine whether or not you will receive your certificate.

8. Students have to check his or her names in the profile section of the mobile application because he or she will get the same name in the original certificate after paying the appropriate handling fees.

9. The exam is available in both Eng & Hinglish Language. You can choose only one Language.

10. Best of Luck

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