Custom Home Workout Creator

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With home training rapidly rising in popularity and the number of beginners entering fitness increasing every day, it can become difficult to apply proven gym training techniques at home. In addition, scaling the load becomes hard if you are not comfortable with home workout concepts. Our "Custom Home Workout Creator" uses regressions to scale workouts to an appropriate level for yourself or your trainees, while adjusting for factors like height, age, and gender. It also provides an exercise index for all the given drills. 

This is the level 2 program and is meant for someone who can move comfortably, is within a reasonable body fat range and is at least somewhat physically active, even if it just walking regularly. This program can be used by most beginners and newcomers to fitness who need to build a foundation of strength, mobility, and work capacity. One can understand various exercises like back exercises and leg workouts and exercises to lose belly fat which can be easily done at home. 

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  • Custom Home Workout Creator

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