Personal Training Exam Prep Course

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The IIFEM advanced personal trainer course can be challenging in some respects. It requires a high degree of application and a good recollection of finer exercise details. At IIFEM we believe that good coaching is about practical application. A trainer must fully understand how to conduct training and make decisions. This includes exercise selection, load management, routine design, injury management, and progression.

Therefore, our exams can be difficult to prepare for if you haven’t yet:

  1. Understood what is important and used in practice, or
  2. Understood how to identify the most effective training method for the given problem.

The best way to ace the IIFEM Advanced PT exam is to understand how questions will be framed and how they test your application. This prep course aims to provide a guide on how to:

  1. Approach study through the course
  2. Pick topics to work on
  3. Connect concepts to the application
  4. Understand the types of questions
  5. Use the open-book format to your advantage

In addition to acing the exam, you will also get to learn how to apply your knowledge to the real world more effectively, to make you the best trainer you can be!

Personal Training Exam Prep Course

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