Personal Training Course

This course lasts 12 weeks and aims to educate trainers on all aspects of exercise selection, technique, injury prevention and program design for clients of all types. We fully train the candidate in every facet of strength training, endurance and cardiovascular training, mobility and flexibility training and fat loss training. read more

fitness trainer course

Breaking Down the Powerlifts

In our latest article we cover how to correctly perform the squat, bench and the deadlift and how to fix your client's technique permanently. read more

What is Strong?

To the beginner all weights sound large, yet with persistence and time anyone can become strong. Take our challenge today and see if you make the cut! read more

Squat Setup

Our mentor Ishaan shows us how the squat setup should be done. Head over to our Instagram for more. 

Anabolics Certification

Drug use has become the reality in bodybuilding and lifting. Don’t live in ignorance and misinformation, get your facts right and learn how to use anabolics the right way. read more

Anabolic Steroids Course