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evolution of personal training past and present

The Evolution of Personal Training

Personal training has changed a lot over the years. It started as a simple concept and has grown into a professional field with a strong focus on education and expertise. Let’s look at how personal training has evolved, how some organizations are making it more professional, and how IIFEM is leading the way in training top-notch personal trainers.

The Early Days of Personal Training

In the past, personal training wasn’t a formal job. People who knew a lot about fitness, like coaches or experienced gym members, would help others with their workouts. In the 1980s, more people became interested in health and fitness. This fitness boom led to the rise of personal trainers as a distinct profession. Gyms started to hire trainers to help their members, and people began to see the value in getting personalized fitness advice.

Making Personal Training a Profession

By the end of the 1990s, personal training was becoming more organized. Certification programs began to appear, giving trainers the chance to learn and prove their skills. These programs covered important topics like how the body works, proper exercise techniques, and nutrition. Having certifications helped trainers build trust with their clients and showed that they had the knowledge needed to offer safe and effective workouts.

The Role of Fitness Institutes

Today, fitness institutes play a key role in professionalizing personal training. They offer courses that teach future trainers everything they need to know. These courses include both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Some institutes set high standards to ensure that trainers are well-prepared to meet the needs of their clients.

How IIFEM is Shaping the Future of Personal Training

The International Institute of Fitness Excellence and Management (IIFEM) is one of the leading organizations in this field. IIFEM is dedicated to providing high-quality education and training for personal trainers and is on a mission to create 1 lakh fitness coaches by the end of 2027. Here’s how IIFEM is making a difference:

Comprehensive Courses

IIFEM offers a variety of courses to help trainers at all stages of their careers. Some of the main courses include:

Advanced Personal Trainer Course: This is a comprehensive 12-week advanced online fitness trainer course. It covers all the aspects of personal training making it the ideal choice for aspiring personal physical trainers. Thorough training in exercise selection, technique and injury prevention for all client types is provided in this course. This is a comprehensive online certificate course that helps trainers demand higher salaries in the market and helps build a better client base.

Diet Management Specialist course – This is a special course designed to train professionals in establishing a proper and objective-based diet for various client needs. The diet management specialist applies modern nutritional science by looking at the human diet and helping clients achieve specific goals like fat loss, strength gains, mass gains, etc. This is also a great online course offered to personal trainers for overall profile building.

Corrective Exercise for Gyms - This course is designed to train professionals in corrective postural issues in gym-goers. Trainers are urged to abandon traditional methods and embrace corrective exercises. An online course in Delhi offers a simplified method, empowering trainers to address dysfunctions effectively while enhancing observational skills.

PT Sales System – It is one thing to be a specialist in personal training but the challenge lies in selling your skill to the clients. This PT sales system course is a special course designed to improve the overall personality and business development skills of the personal trainer. Soft skills like getting to know the clients, the value of listening well, prospecting and closing the client deals are a part of this course.

There are various other courses offered by IIFEM that help a personal trainer get the overall knowledge and skill to give a comprehensive solution to any client.

Ongoing Education

IIFEM believes in lifelong learning. It offers workshops, seminars, and other learning opportunities to help trainers keep up with the latest developments in the fitness industry.

Personal training has come a long way from its early days. It is now a respected profession with a strong focus on education and skill development. Institutes like IIFEM are leading the way in this evolution. They provide comprehensive training programs, offer valuable certifications, and support trainers throughout their careers. By choosing IIFEM, aspiring personal trainers can gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers and make a positive impact in society. Join IIFEM today and be part of the future of personal training.

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