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secret routine to build raw muscle

Secret Routine to Build Raw Muscle Strength for Beginners

The Modified 5x5 method is based on the time-tested 5x5 method by Reg Park, which involves Squatting, Bench Pressing, and Deadlifting three days a week doing 5 sets of 5 reps and continuously adding weight, with no other exercise. I have used my modified version on dozens of athletes and the results have been exceptional every time. For example, one 63kg cricketer started with a 50kg Squat, a 50kg Bench press, and a 75kg Deadlift. Training just three days a week, in six months he was Squatting 145kgs, Bench Pressing 95kgs, and Deadlifting 170kgs at a bodyweight of 70kgs. Such results are typical of the program.

The biggest priorities for the novice are:

  1. Build quality muscle mass

  2. Establish a good lifting technique

  3. Increase basic strength by steadily adding weight to the main lifts.
  4. Build a foundation of general fitness that will prevent injuries and plateaus in the future.

Keeping all that in mind, here is the modified 5x5 method-

Train 3 days a week alternating workout A and workout B. Do the off-day routine 3 days a week. So two whole weeks of training will look like this:

Week 1

Workout A

Off Day Routine

Workout B

Off Day Routine

Workout A

Off Day Routine


Week 2

Workout B

Off Day Routine

Workout A

Off Day Routine

Workout B

Off Day Routine


For the main workouts you need to establish a starting training weight for the Squat, Bench press, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift- all percentages will be taken off this weight. I suggest the following:


Squat- 40kgs

Bench Press- 35kgs

Deadlift- 50kgs

Shoulder Press- 30kgs


Squat- 30kgs

Bench Press- 20kgs

Deadlift- 40kgs

Shoulder Press- 15kgs

Workout A


Fire Hydrant Circles- 10/side

Mountain Climbers- 10/side

Rollover into V-sit- 10

Static Hip Flexor Stretch- 30 sec/side

Groiners- 10

Easy Twist Hold- 30 sec/side

Camel Hold- 30 sec

Shoulder Dislocates- 20 reps

Main Workout

Bench Press- 50%x5, 75%x5,  100%x2 sets x 5reps, 100%x5+

Close Grip Bench Press- 80%x2x8-10reps

Squat- 50%x5, 75%x5, 100%x2x5reps, 100%x5+

Front squat- 70%x2x8-10reps

Seated Rows- 5 sets of 10 reps (Use a weight that gets hard towards the 4th and 5th set)

Weighted Sit-ups- 5 sets of 10 reps

EZ Bar Curls- 5 sets of 10 reps

Workout B

Warm Up

Same as Workout A

Main Workout

Shoulder Press- 50%x5, 75%x5,  100%x2 sets x 5reps, 100%x5+

Z Press- 70%x2x8-10reps

Deadlift- 50%x5, 75%x5,  100%x2 sets x 5reps, 100%x5+

Romanian Deadlift- 80%x2x8-10reps

Lat Pulldowns- 5 sets of 10 reps

Cable Crunches- 5 sets of 10 reps

Tricep Pushdowns- 5 sets of 10 reps

Off Day Routine

Repeat the same warm-up

Light Cardio-

Stationary Bike/ Jogging/ Swimming/ Crosstrainer

20-25 minutes

So you will see that on the last set of every big exercise, there is a 100%x5+. This means that you will go for as many reps as you can while maintaining good technique. Do not take assistance, cheat, or fail a rep, but push yourself as hard as you strictly can.

Lower Body Exercises

Add 2.5-10kgs next workout

Upper Body Exercises

Add 2.5-5kgs next workout

When in doubt, always add less weight.

The entire body is trained for every single workout! This is because a novice needs to lift a lot to build basic strength. They do not need the amount of rest that split routines give, as they are simply not strong enough to do any serious damage to the body, and even then such a routine can still be used as the exercises change every session and there are only 10 heavy sets in the whole workout.

Hopefully, this blog has given you some clarity on how to build raw mass and strength. Good luck with your training.

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