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Insulin for growth

When to use Insulin, optimally for growth?

At every meal.

The whole “pre-workout/post-workout utilization” has never made any sense for insulin use optimally. When you work out does that mean the only time you are growing is during those couple of hours? If so then why not only eat during your workout period and call the rest of the day done for? It is well known that we don’t grow during the workout but in the rest and recovery time outside of the gym. So we eat dinner afterward, we eat breakfast the next day, we eat lunch, etc, and all of this is helping grow the muscles we damaged inside the gym. And what is happening every single time we eat? We are releasing insulin. And why? Because insulin is needed for the muscles to repair/grow, period. Without insulin you would not grow a single ounce of muscle, that is a full-out 100% fact. You could say that insulin is the single most important hormone for muscle building. If you block insulin’s effect you fully block muscle growth. You can have basically no androgen or sex hormones and still grow muscle that’s also a fact, but with insulin you cannot.

 So with us eating multiple times during the day to repair our muscles, and needing insulin to shuttle nutrients to repair our muscles, it goes without saying that we need insulin every single meal. Namely for those who are eating insane amounts to grow, and/or on drugs like HGH at bodybuilding doses, hurting your ability to grow as optimally as possible. With using insulin at every meal, besides optimizing the nutrients you are eating every single meal to optimize your growth, you also get the added benefit of insulin effect on keeping your blood sugar in a very healthy range, which might not be as a bodybuilder due to the factors I’ve already stated.

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