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what is power training?

What is power training?

Power can be thought of as speed work with heavy weights. Power training influences speed and helps transfer strength to speed. Sports that involve heavier loads are greatly dependent on this quality. It is influenced by strength and genetics and needs to be trained separately. The important points about power training are:

a. There should be a decent foundation of speed and strength training before training power.

b. Start with weighted jumps and weighted squat jumps.

c. Use basic power variations of Olympic lifts for athletes. While full variations of Olympic lifts like squat snatches and squat cleans are effective at building power, they are significantly more technical than the basic power versions and will take far too much time and effort to learn, while also exposing the athlete to a greater risk of injury. Power cleans and power snatches still teach the athlete to explode with heavy weight and will develop speed just as much as the full variations.

d. Perform 3-10 sets of 1-3 reps with 1-2 minutes rest.

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