Strength and Conditioning Workshop

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The process of training to become physically fit by a regimen of exercise, diet, and rest.
Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for
elite sport performance.

What you will learn?

The role of a strength and conditioning is to use exercise
prescription specifically to improve performance in athletic competition.

  • Meaning and Introduction – Strength and Conditioning
  • Muscles and their Actions
  • Fitness Assessments and Fitness Tests
  • Hypertrophy, Strength and Endurance – Meaning and Programming
  • Principles of Training and Adaptation
  • Exercises for Upper, Middle and Lower Body – Basics to Advance with
  • Jumping and Plyometrics Exercises
  • Designing training Programs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Should be 18 years of age & above
  • Basic understanding of human body, strength training and flexibility.

Course Requirements

  • Should have an access to Smartphone, PC or Laptop with 3G or 4G Connection
  • Suitable for personal trainers & health practitioners